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An Earthbound Valentine (Remake)
The bright sun shined down on the little town of Onett as February 14th began.  Right below the hill where a meteor crashed the stately home of one Ness lived with his mother and sister, Tracy.  His father, obviously, was busy with his work but only for a few hours since he had some planned for his wife on Valentine's Day.  Two months passed since the young man and his three friends, Paula, Jeff, and Poo saved the universe from the cosmic destroyer, Giygas.  Life returned to normal for Ness when he returned to Onett; no more Porky (or was it Pokey) to be bullied on a daily basis.  Ness checked his calendar and sure enough, the 14th was circled in red signifying that today was the day to pay a visit to Polestar Preschool, Paula's house in the next town of Twoson, and give Paula her Valentine's Day gift. "I really want Paula to be my Valentine," he said as he left his house with a present wrapped in white with a red bow, "This gift costed a fortune."  Outsid
:iconelliotxclaris:ElliotxClaris 3 1
Dwelling in the Past
A vast desert stretches far as the eye could see.
Sand, ruins of buildings past, eroded robots,
abandoned mining equipment, occupied this once
fertile land thriving with life.  Years ago the robots
worked for a mighty dragon, a jolly old dragon who grew ill
as time passed.  His remains located in the center of a mighty gorge.
Further in this wasteland was once a living harbor.
A Skipper with his crew sailed a vast sea filled with water.
They too have eroded with the decaying land.
However, one can relive to experience this desert
in its former glory.  Scattered throughout are purplish
stones that distort time, reliving the past.
If they hit the stone the miracle occurs.
Life grows once more, the sand becomes fertile,
the buildings devoid of age, the robots spark with life,
mining equipment that actually works.  Yet the stones can
only do so much, their area of effect isn't vast enough to cover
the entire desert.  If another strikes another stone, the effect dis
:iconelliotxclaris:ElliotxClaris 1 9
Beautiful Wasp
A young man turned on the power of the Nintendo 3DS he spent so much money to own.  The title screen appeared, the main menu showcased all the games he purchased online, and with the stylus he selected a cheery game: Kirby Triple Deluxe.  Sure he completed the game many times even going as far to earn that one hundred percent and wasting many hours just to reach the true final boss.  His life is somewhat normal; if normalcy consists of living with a divorced father and having to work at such a young age to pay his tuition.  He's usually shy around people he doesn't know, mostly girls, because he's rather nervous when he's approaching one.  His online activity mostly includes: being on art sites that have fans of all kinds of media draw artwork of their favorite series, watching videos on a social media site disguised as a video sharing site, and watching video game let's plays.  Considering he's playing a Kirby game, he's not too big of a fan.  He isn
:iconelliotxclaris:ElliotxClaris 7 7
A Hero's Vows
He thought his mission was over.
The Hero of Time must now confront
an even deadlier menace.  Yet within him
he couldn't fight knowing the Queen
and a nemesis were fighting along.
His courage drained at the thought.
Then he saw an old friend, a princess
blue with the likeness of a mermaid.
He once made a vow of matrimony to her
despite being very different.  The hero
pondered in the wide open field he aimlessly
He made his choice.  Not only will he fight
for the sake of the world but also for her.
He ran to the lake where the temple dwells.
Switching his tunic and equipping the iron boots,
sunk he to the bottom and entered.
The cool water brought a tiny chill as he
continued to the special room, the room
where he met her as an adult.  He soon found
her in her original form, pure with nothing else.
She gave him a stare and said a little annoyed,
"I was wondering where you were, Link."
He said nothing but instead gave her a kiss.
His arms tightened around he
:iconelliotxclaris:ElliotxClaris 3 0
An orange and yellow and white fox
With a stick in its tail approached
And smiled at me.  It spoke thus:
"I wish that you could be my
Master so we can battle together.
I'm a Braixen, the evolved form of Fennekin.
You know.  Fennekin is the fire fox that
Masters like you start with.  My magician Power
allows me to steal any held item. 
After that you can play with me.
Rub my ears.  They're super fluffy!
And if you really want to my belly
Is also fluffy and soft.  Don't you want
A cute little effeminate fox Pokemon like me
on your team?"
                         Pondering at its cute
Nature, my mind went through many
Thoughts.  This little fox wants me
And I've heard many rumors about trainers
Choosing Fennekin.  Yet by looking at
Its expression gave me the feeling
It wants more than to be my Pokemon.
I asked it: "Are you male or female?"
It replied: "I happen to be a female.
:iconelliotxclaris:ElliotxClaris 1 7
Mature content
Salted Rage :iconelliotxclaris:ElliotxClaris 0 1
Not an Object
Am I not a human too?
Why do you put me in these
situations?  I have feelings.
And yet I'm treated like
some erotic toy for your
amusement.  I've been bound
and beaten, fornicated against
my free will, and embraced in ways
I don't enjoy by men who see me
as an object.  Even some of
you twisted men let my special
friends betray and seize the
chance to unleash their carnal
urges.  I'm not an object.  I'm
a female human being, with
a female body and organs.
:iconelliotxclaris:ElliotxClaris 2 3
Regaled Beauty
A one in seven chance
is when you come to my arms.
Seeing the symbol of femininity
is enough to know you're
Regaled Beauty. 
You start small with tiny
legs, golden leaves surround
your slender neck my
Regaled Beauty.
Your next stage starts at the
peak of 17; now bigger with
leaves on your back and
think clean thoughts.
Regaled Beauty,
you're almost there.
36 comes and your true
form pops up.  No longer
will legs slow you down.
Your head rises above mine,
your ruby eyes peer at me.
Take me seriously for you're my
Regaled Beauty.
I want someone to wrap around me
knowing I'm safe from my enemies.
Arms aren't enough to hold the
amount of love I have for you.
Coil around but not to choke
but to know that you're here my
Regaled Beauty.
:iconelliotxclaris:ElliotxClaris 0 0
Poke Rivals
We come across them when they're out.
A theme plays when they see you.
This is no ordinary person you encounter.
It's your rival, a person whose ambition
is like yours but for only two purposes:
Become better than you and steal your lover.
:iconelliotxclaris:ElliotxClaris 0 0
Manifest Destiny
Twilight Sparkle asks a question:
"I've been thinking.  Since my friends
have destinies that they want to achieve
what's my destiny?  My stay here only
led me to lessons on friendship. What's
my purpose?  Ponies think I'm meant to
run this library but my cutie mark
isn't a book.  It's this star.
My friends' cutie marks have some
meaning behind them.  Applejack's
could mean that she was destined
to run Sweet Apple Acres.  Pinkie
Pie's suggested that she's a party
master.  Rainbow Dash's resembles the
Sonic Rainboom and her goal is joining
Wonderbolts.  Fluttershy's might mean
her destiny is animal care.  Rarity's
cutie mark is her skill of searching
for gems and her profession is fashion.
And yet all I have is this star.  I
know destiny isn't something you find in
books.  It's up to you to decide destiny.
Will I ever find what my purpose in life
is?  Or will I be a pony with a cutie mark
but with no destiny?
:iconelliotxclaris:ElliotxClaris 4 2
Canterlot Coronation Bad Future
From Twilight,
"If I'm becoming a princess
doesn't that mean I can no longer
be with my friends?  And if I'm
becoming a unicorn with wings,
that could mean I'm immortal.
Then all my friendship lessons
were for nothing.  What fun
would it be for a princess to
not have the friends I've come to
know and love.  Why?  As if I don't
know any better, they want me to
see my friends pass and let me stay
with them forever.  No!  I don't want
that!  I don't want to become a
princess.  I don't want to see my whole
life go to waste.  I rather stay mortal
than enjoy luxury.  At least I'll have my
friends with me."  Twilight sobs.
:iconelliotxclaris:ElliotxClaris 1 6
Mature content
Getting the Prize :iconelliotxclaris:ElliotxClaris 0 0
Mature content
Twisted Cybernetic Lust :iconelliotxclaris:ElliotxClaris 1 7
12/21/2012: Day of Reckoning
12/21/2012: Day of Reckoning
Ding! Dong! (6 hours remain)
Elliot’s POV
I have been told about this day
The day in which the world will end
People running for their lives, trying to outrun collapsing buildings
Carrying whatever they can, saving their beloved ones from destruction
Finding anywhere they can go for safety, but there is no safety
The whole world will suffer
The television set was turned on with Claris my friend turning to the news
Every news channel is the same thing, people running screaming
I fear of losing her the most in this time and I will protect her
The reasons for this to happen was to be said from the Mayans and their calendar
The worse thing, it was accurate
This is not to be said that a giant moon is falling from the sky
Natural disasters are happening
Many people who are Christian believe this is the Second Coming of Christ
Wiping out the evil in the world, but never have I seen such destruction
This is the day, the Day of Reckoning
The day in which all o
:iconelliotxclaris:ElliotxClaris 0 0
AB Nightmare
In a moment, your eyes will drift into sleep.  Your subconsciousness will allow you to enter the world of dreams.  The dream you are having right now begins.  You awaken to find yourself in a bright pink room with light shining from a fixture on the ceiling.  The pinkness provides a calm soothing atmosphere as your eyes moved from one end to the other.  On one side you spot a lamp with blocks and rattles and pacifiers on the shade.  Immediately, you speculate you're reliving a childhood memory.  
However, you feel something strange.  You suckle on a pacifier.  "Why am I sucking on this?" you thought.  Lifting your head, you see that the room you're in was a baby's nursery.  A typical nursery with a playpen full of soft stuffed animals, rattles, baby blocks, and other toys babies play with; a large crib that can fit an adult with a musical mobile; a rocking chair, a dresser filled with clothes, and a diaper changing station.  
:iconelliotxclaris:ElliotxClaris 3 6
No Solicitors
Two gentlemen dressed fancy
knocked upon my door with
thoughts of getting a
sucker.  I answered.
One with a mustache greeted,
"Would you be interested in
purchasing this machine
which makes apple cider
in an instant?"  The other
replied, "You don't have to bust
out working by making all that
cider by hand."  I stared at them.
"I'll be right back."
Shots heard from the inside.
The two ran off.
:iconelliotxclaris:ElliotxClaris 0 2

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"We all have dark sides. We fight against them, we win, but they will always come back."
Happy New Year everyone.  Let's see what happened since I last wrote when 2015 ended.

Chicago Cubs finally winning the World Series
Gawker got sued and lost
The UK left the EU
Trump winning the election
A troll on Tumblr false flagging blogs that make NSFW Nintendo content
Pixiv forcing my favorite artists to abide by Japan's genital censorship law
More of the artists I watch are now using Patreon
Many celebrities died RIP Prince, Gene Wilder, Carrie Fisher, etc.

Let's hope 2017 will be better.



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